Finding transport solutions for maritime freight in the Greater Caribbean is not very easy. So CEI.BA introduced Maritime Freight Exchange project BECCA in 2010

About CEI.BA

CEI.BA has been managing the Port Single Window of Guadeloupe since 2002, linking all maritime processes and professionals for the import and export of goods.

AP+ optimizes, harmonizes and secures business processes between all stakeholders in the port and airport logistic chain. It is in use in most French ports, and several foreign ports (Benin, Mauritius...).

With its experience in the maritime domain, CEI.BA developed two products for maritime trade in the Greater Caribbean:

  • CLOVIS: project to develop trade hubs with the other Single Windows around
  • BECCA: Electronic Maritime Freight Exchange platform



The team of the project for CEI.BA is composed of:

  • Christophe Foucault, Président du directoire et Directeur Général CEI.BA
  • Pascal Desile, Directeur Technique CEI.BA et chef de projet BECCA
  • Evelyne Joseph, Chargée de Mission pour la zone hispanophone
  • Sabine Bajazet, Chargée de Mission pour la zone anglophone
  • Davina Angèle, Chargée de Mission pour la commercialisation
  • Viviane Sainsily, Directrice Administratif et Financier du projet BECCA

and for the external services:

  • Michèle Montantin, concepteur consultante
  • IPEOS I-Solutions : Société de Services en Logiciels Libres : conseil, réalisation, hébergement et maintenance de la plateforme BECCA
  • Raymond Byl de Trainmar Caraïbes, consultant expert maritime


Legal information

Share capital 440 000 €

Headquarters: CWTC ZI de Jarry - 97122 Baie-Mahault (Guadeloupe, FWI)

Tel: +590 590 32 37 48

Fax: +590 590 32 37 46

SIRET/Trade Registration: 390 969 038 0002 0

APE/Sector: 6311Z


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