Easily find a solution of transport for your freight!


You have some freight to be transported:

  • Publish your announcement of freight
  • Receive quotations of transport
  • Choose the best offer!

 You look for some freight for your transport:

  • Consult the announcements of freight and receive alerts
  • Propose your quotations
  • Optimize your transport and find new markets!

BECCA, maritime freight exchange, is a real electronic marketplace which puts in relation the supply and demand of the sea transport for every types of freight (container, pallets, big bag, vrac...) and of volume.

 Numerous features:

  • Multilanguages application: English, Spanish, French
  • Interface adapted to the various sizes of screens (PC, tablets, smartphones...)
  • Free registration
  • Sending of e-mails of alerts and information
  • Integrated messaging
  • User dashboard for the follow-up of the operations
  • Evaluation of the transport operators for more visibility
  • System of credits with purchases of on-line packs
  • Use of the credits only in case of positive result

BECCA is an innovative tool which has for objective to reduce the transport costs, to develop the sea links and to stimulate the competitiveness of the maritime actors.

The search engine and the tool of alerts favors the consolidation of the goods and so allows the operators of the transport to find some freight to optimize the profitability of their load.


Join and use becca free of charge!

You will be able to post a demand​ or consult publications with contact information